Finely designed melodies combined with heavy guitar riffs and energetic rhythm section, as well as symbiosis of academically taught soprano and metal growl allow to rank Oceanpath among the few Latvian bands that play in symphonic metal genre. Oceanpath music clearly distinguishes two directions – songs which are created in the best traditions of symphonic/ melodic heavy metal that are mostly performed in English, and compositions in metal genre which are inspired by elements of Latvian folk music. 

Oceanpath was founded by Artūrs Šteinbergs on 2013. Before then, he has tried to bring symphonic metal to Latvian underground scene in other bands as guitarist but without significant success.  The first years of Oceanpath was years of search for the perfect sound, also for the perfect mates – line-up was continuously changing. One of the turning points was when new keyboardist, Džeina arrived  and the band got new blood in their musical veins and new energy to achieve more, but the most significant moment was when professional soprano Laima decided to return to her musical roots – to her love to metal music -  and joined Oceanpath. Laima also has been named the Voice of Latvian Metal Music 2017. Since then band has published their debut CD ELEMENTI and now is working to the classic symphonic metal album from whom two singles, The Puppet Show and Daughter of the Northern Wind, are released already.